What is 4-H?

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4-H is a non-formal educational, youth development program offered to individuals age 5-18. Youth are involved in hands-on experiential learning that allows by doing. 4-H is best identified by its green four-leaf clover with an H on each leaf. The four H's on the emblem stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. All 4-H programs focus on active involvement and quality experiences which stimulate lifelong learning of values and skills.

How can I join 4-H?

There are many ways:

  • Join a 4-H club in Grand County!
  • Start a 4-H club . . . just 5 members from two families and an adult is all you need!
  • In your school, look for 4-H school enrichment programs!
  • Call the Grand County Extension Office for more information.

Why should I be interested in 4-H?

You get to "Learn by Doing" and meet new friends that share your interests. You can participate in projects where you make something, develop a skill, raise and/or train an animal, join a virtual club with youth from anywhere in the world! There are numerous projects available to you, including foods, clothing, public speaking, models, aerospace, wood science and livestock.

You begin by reading and researching your interests. You can select one or more projects, and receive a project manual, which guides you through the activities. These projects are geared to your age and abilities. You, as a 4-H member, decide what you want to learn and do as you explore your project. This allows you to move at your own pace, and gives you important skills in setting and working toward goals.

Clubs generally meet once a month on a regular schedule, which is determined by the members of the club. During meetings you learn how to accomplish the goals of your projects, how to run a business meeting, and how to do demonstrations about your projects. The clubs may plan recreational activities, community service projects, fundraisers and field trips.

Youth ages 5-7 may be active in our 4-H clubs as a Cloverbud member.We connect Cloverbud members with local clubs that they will work with in the future. There are also planned activities on a county level to expose Cloverbuds to different 4-H project opportunities.

Take a look at our current 4-H Project List, where you will find a diverse offering of project areas ranging from market livestock to computers and more.

Adults - Become a 4-H Volunteer!

You do not need to be an expert in any field, you just need to be willing to share your time and experience in helping youth as a positive mentor and role model. Adult Volunteer Leaders help coordinate meetings, programs, and events. They assist youth with projects, record keeping, and more. Have a favorite hobby? You can help a 4-H member learn a new skill. The 4-H program could not exist without the support of Adult Volunteers by the millions, around the world. Visit the National 4-H Volunteer website to learn more about how you can help with the 4-H programs.